Do you feel like a victim?

We discussed in the last post the importance of setting a positive intention to create a happier day.  Why is this necessary?  Why do we spend so much time in negative thought? The truth as I understand it comes from the primitive part of the brain that is in charge of our instincts. How did we know when a predator was close?  When man first walked the Earth these instincts meant the difference between life and death. Today,  however,  they have begun to run amuck and are hurting us as often or more often than they help us. How do we keep our instincts sharp without allowing them to create a negative view of the world?

Allow our life experience to be learning experiences rather than ongoing reminders of failure or hurt. 

We all have times in our lives where we have been hurt or made poor decisions that caused negative consequences. The primitive part of our brains hold on to that hurt and pain to protect us from experiencing those things again. An example would be a divorce or bad break up. We may tell ourselves that relationships are bad or the ever popular "there are no good men/women left out there". The problem with this thinking is through the law of attraction we create what we think. If this is your truth then this is what will manifest in your life. 

How can I change this?  The answer is to find the lesson meant to be learned and take that with you in the future. Use the information to make better decisions.  Ask yourself the question "what part did my behavior play and how can I learn from this mistake"? In short stop blaming others and focus on the role you played. 

Stop allowing yourself to become the victim in every negative scenario. 

When you are a victim there is no ability to create anything different in the future. Sure there will be times when we will feel victimized but the longer we stay in victim mode the harder it is to take control back of our lives. It might make us feel better initially to blame others entirely for the failure but eventually that victim role will manifest in events where we are always a victim. 

When we take responsibility for our role,  our decisions,  our circumstances we create the power and knowledge needed to prevent the same thing happening in the future.  We become able to see signs of negativity much more quickly and that will allow us to make better choices. The more in touch we are with our feelings, decisions and consequences the more power we have to prevent negativity from coming  into our lives. 

Make the choice to live the life you want in the here and now.  

Does this sound familiar? If this happens then I will be happy. If I have the right job, right relationship, the right house,  the right car etc. then I will have everything and my life will be perfect. So what about now?  Is there a way to be happy without those things? The secret to letting go of negativity is to no longer look outside ourselves for our happiness and to have gratitude for all we do have. When we focus on what we don't have those things become harder to obtain. Living a life in gratitude allows us to manifest positive things into our lives effortlessly. Our jobs become fun,  our house a glorious gift and our spouse a real person with flaws and gifts as every human has. Our happiness is not tied to another human's behavior. We have the power and the ability to choose the life we want and the people we want in our lives. As a victim of our circumstances we don't have that choice. So let me ask you which feels better power/choice over our lives or being victimized by others? For me I choose to create my own destiny by my choices and actions. I choose to only bring into my life people that raise my vibration and truly have my best interests at heart. I choose to not be a victim of my circumstances. How about you? 

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Mina Prices, LCSW 

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