3 Steps To A Happier Day

Does this sound familiar? "Ugh tomorrow is Monday and I have to go to work".  "I just don't think I can go another day". "No one appreciates me". Do I need to go on or do you get the picture? Did you know that how you feel each day can be determined by you before you even get out of bed? 

Most people feel that how their day goes is up to the people around them or the tasks that have to be completed.   Would you like to know how to create more energy and feel better each day? Here are 3 simple ways to make your day better. 

Set an intention to have a great day before you get out of bed.   

What did you say Mina?  Are you kidding me? No friends I am not kidding. It may seem simple but making the decision to have an awesome day from the beginning will set the tone for a fantastic day. Will it make my work go away or make my boss nicer? Probably not but you will be in a much better frame of mind to deal with whatever comes your way. 

Smile at everyone you see.   

Before or after I hit the coffee maker? That will be your choice but the sooner you put that smile on your face the better you will feel immediately. Smiling and laughter changes our chemical make up and raises our vibration immediately.  Other people will respond more positively to you and your daily interactions with others will improve. This includes that same boss you think is "mean". 

Pick at least one task that you will complete during your day either at home or work that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Have you ever had one of those days that you don't feel anything has been accomplished? How do you feel on those days?  Frustrated or out of sorts maybe? Even if it is one small task that you have been meaning to do or putting off make sure at least one thing gets done per day. It's amazing how much better a person feels when they get at least one thing meaningful accomplished. 

The bottom line is that no one cares about how your day is more than you. If you wait for the world to GIVE  you the "perfect" day then you give everyone  and everything control over you and your happiness. For anyone that hates the thought of others having control over you think about deliberately creating as many good days as you want. With these three steps you will be well on your way. 

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Mina Price, LCSW

Law of Attraction Coach 



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