My dream life....


How often have you day dreamed about the day when your life will be simple and easy? All the bills will be paid. There will be no day to day stressors to distract you from your travels or being able to sit by the pool. Then the reality sets in and you think "That will never happen".  The  reality comes back of bills, work, constant pressure of life's demands and the fantasy stops right there. 

I painted that picture because I have been there. As a single parent who works 8-5 I was blessed with a job that pretty much covered the bills but there was not a lot left over. Sometimes there were things left unpaid and I would have to double up the next month. I have been able to maintain this way of life for almost 20 years now since we bought the house. I have refinanced a couple of times so I am not as close as I would like to be on paying it off. 

I have 25 years in with my therapist job and I am starting to think about retirement. I made a huge financial commitment to begin the QSCA so that I might be able to do coaching as a way to supplement my income when I decide to take that big leap into getting out of the security of a 40 hour week. I still have that same dream that I wrote about above. What I did not realize is that same life is available to me right now and that through the Law of Abundance I could actually manifest all the things I had dreamed about by believing that the Universe was there to support me. 

I have to tell you that although I lived in gratitude I also lived in fear that if I spent money on things like travel or renovating the house there would not be anything left for bills and other necessities. I lived like the little money I had was the only money I would ever see. I now know that this is called living in the "lack" perspective.  It is only now that I have begun to understand the difference in living in abundance and living in lack. I now understand that by living in abundance that I can manifest things that I want such as travel or home renovation by believing in the Universe enough to know that I can create that abundance.  

A big example was that two years ago I set the intention to go to Japan with my daughter and her choir. I had no idea where the money was going to come from. I had not yet even thought about the QSCA (I had thought about becoming a coach but I didn't know how) but I listened to coaches talk about manifesting the life that I want and I decided to put that theory to the test. I told my whole family my intention for myself and my two daughters to go to Japan. As time went on the money manifested itself so we could go on the trip. I made monthly payments and the time came this past month that we went on the trip of a lifetime. My oldest daughter had some conflicts with time so my niece was able to easily fill the third slot and the trip manifested smoothly and easily. 

My next indeavor is the renovation of my bathroom that is showing its age and paying for my oldest  daughter's cosmetology school this coming year. That in itself will be about $12,000. I tell you all this to let you know that there is nothing that cannot be manifested if you believe in the Universe and do the leg work to make those dreams come true. I now know that I don't have to wait for that life I want. I can even create time by setting the intention that my time off will not be taken for things that are not important for the dreams that I am creating. I don't have to wait for retirement and create this huge coaching business to get the freedom I want.  

The only thing that limits my freedom are the fears I create myself that keep me in lack. I am still in the process of creation for my business. For now I continue to work full time as a therapist. The thing that has changed, however, is the belief that I can create the life I want by setting my intentions and taking the steps to make it happen. I don't have to wait for retirement to feel freedom. I have all the freedom I want right now!!  

Do you feel locked into life and unable to fulfill your dreams and desires? I would love to help you!! 

I offer 2 free coaching sessions. I am giving away my letting go of negativity seminar that teaches you how to let go of the negativity that blocks the manifestation process.   Together these are worth about $300 but I believe so much in my desire to help you that I am giving all this away for free so there is no financial obligation while you decide if you and I will work well together. Please click the free gift link above for your free download and contact me for your free sessions. 

If anything that I have said resonates with you then you can't afford to wait for the ability to create abundance to come to you!! I had to do the leg work to let go of lack before I was able to manifest anything.  

You may email me at I am looking forward to hearing from you!! 

Love and light, 


The people in Japan were so friendly and kind. These family memories are priceless!!