Bathroom renovation is manifestation at its finest!!

Okay so my house was built in 1960. My upstairs bathroom has bugged me ever since we bought the house. It was primarily yellow tile with small brownish tile on the floor. For years I have been plagued with leaks that went through the floor and into the bathroom below which has basically made that bathroom unusable at times.  

Fast forward to last fall when my oldest daughter was getting in the shower and the floor gave way. Yikes! "Mom there's a hole in the floor". "A what" I asked. I went in and found part of the tile by the tub gave way so there was no doubt it was time for an upgrade. There was only one problem. Where was the money going to come from? 

This question haunted me everyday as I took my shower and prayed I would not land in the tub downstairs. One evening during class we were going over a process and the teacher said "Focus on what you really want". She had us visualise something we wanted to manifest and put it on a pedestal in our minds. All I could think of was a new bathroom. I didn't focus on money I just focused on my desire for a bathroom renovation and what it would look like when it was completed. Class ended and I went about my normal routine.  

Jump ahead to February of this year. I got my w-2 and went into Turbo Tax. I had one daughter in Jr.  College and I was going through a coaching certification. Low and behold I could deduct both of those costs and my refund was a whopping $6500. I was stunned!! As a single parent with a modest income I had decent refunds but nothing that high.  

My first thought was my bathroom!! We began renovation in July. I bought all of the fixtures and tiles. I laid out the design and asked the contractor for a labor cost only. The rest as they say is history. Coincidence maybe but the results are undeniable. I focused, took some action and boom a new bathroom!! Has there ever been a time in your life when you didn't know how you were going to handle a certain dilemma and somehow the Universe provided a way for it to happen? This has happened in the past but never on such a grand scale. 

As I have grown from the coaching certification process I am now much more aware of how manifestation works and how the Universe wants us to succeed and have everything that we need. Please leave a comment below if you have experienced the Universe, God or whatever your belief is about divine help being delivered right on time!! 

$8000 was manifested for this project. My vision was the finished product not the money.  

$8000 was manifested for this project. My vision was the finished product not the money.  

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