This is how it started for me.......

I was asked a question on my Facebook page the other day. I was expressing gratitude for my recent certification as a law of attraction coach. I was sharing my win as we were taught in class. Among the congrats by those on my Facebook page came the question "so what does that mean for me?" Hmm I was so busy feeling gratitude that the question took me back.  

I replied with the fact that after a year of skills training I would be able to share with my client's amazing processes which would help them shift to a better place. I also shared that a personal win no matter how big or small is something to be celebrated. She boasted that she had "great self esteem" and that she felt no need to share her wins with "total strangers". "That is why I have real friends."

I must confess that my first thought was "if you don't like it get off my post". I have learned over the years to act and not react. I began thinking to myself what was it about having a negative interaction that touched me so? I have come to the conclusion that in my desire to help others what I do is not for everyone.  That is okay too. I don't have to feel personally slighted if someone disagrees. 

I then began thinking globally about self esteem and feeling attacked when others don't agree with me. How many times have you had what you thought was a great idea only to have someone close to you or a total stranger come at you with negativity? I must admit dealing with others negativity about my actions has never been easy for me. I always felt personally attacked even if they were trying to be professional (I do have a day job).  

I know within myself that self esteem has always been an issue. It evolved from weight issues as a child to relationship issues as an adult. The one common thread is much of the time I did not feel good enough for success in all areas so I settled for what I thought I could get. With that I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was not until I began to learn to look for what was "right" in my life rather than what was "wrong" did I start to have courage to try new things.  

The incident the other day,however, reminds me that I am still human. Inside that little girl with low self esteem still runs around and I will be triggered when someone criticizes what I am doing. I know now that it takes discipline and understanding within myself to keep her feeling comforted.  

The bottom line is that 100% of people are not going to agree all the time with what I am doing. My three choices are to take their comments as a personal assault and crawl in a hole. I could take it as a declaration of war and become angry and destructive to myself and others or I can take it for what it is. Not all people will agree with me and my choices. I don't have to let that little girl inside feel she is "not good enough" when others have their own opinions. 

Why self esteem as a niche? Well I believe strongly that how we feel about ourselves can sabotage anything that we want to be successful at.  This includes jobs, relationships and will completely halt any ability to manifest or create.  I am here to tell you that if you want to stop this pattern I can help. I want others to feel the success that I have felt in the last few years. I want others to have the courage to reach for a new vocation if that is what calls them. That little kid inside can be soothed and quieted. He/she can become a part of your journey and will be helpful to this process.  

If this resonates with you please share to all your social networks below. I want to help people no longer feel enslaved by their negative thoughts and not allow other's opinions to slow them down in creating their perfect life.  

Do you feel that child within crying with hurt and pain? Please contact me when you are ready to make shifts that will sooth and comfort to begin the healing process.  

Love and light,