How to use Thanksgiving to manifest in 3 easy steps.

Do you have Holiday traditions? Are there special recipes that are cooked once a year? Does the family get together and eat like it was their last meal? If you are like most people in the US the answer is yes, yes and heck yea!!  

We all know the story about the Pilgrims and Native Americans sitting down to a feast after a bountiful harvest. So why is that important today and why make that a holiday? I hear the answers loud and clear. Here in the south it would appear football is king that weekend. Roll Tide!! I just had to throw that in. Are you ready to manifest your deepest desires? Here are three ways to begin that process and what better time than this week to start? 

Make a list of specific things to manifest this year.  

We all say I want more money or a better job. I want a new relationship or I  want a better relationship with family.  I want a vacation this year. This is a good start. The more specific the better. Do yo want to go to Disney World or do you want a specific type of job? What are the character traits you want in a new relationship? I suggest that you list only one or two things for the year so you can be focused and clear. Overwhelm causes apathy and an inability to focus which blocks the manifestation process.  

For each item on your list get specific about why you want this thing.  

How will having or doing this thing make your life better? If you can't answer the question of why then manifestation will get stuck right here. Will it give you a sense of freedom? Will it eleviate fear? Will it give you a sense of well being? If you have the answer to those questions write them down next to each thing on your list.   The more specific you are the better. 

On Thanksgiving Day write down what you will feel when those things manifest and then answer this question. What am I grateful for today that already makes me feel this way? 

Why is this important? Because the Universe responds positively only to positive vibrations. What you focus on expands. If you focus on a LACK of money then a lack of money will be the only thing you manifest. If you focus on all the good things your money has done for you such as putting a roof over your head or turkey in your belly then more of the same will follow.  Do you say thanks and really mean it when you find a dollar on the street? Although these actions seem small they are essential to the process of manifesting. 

How will you use this information to your advantage this week? I would love to hear from you! Please have a safe and wonderful holiday!! 

Love and Light  


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I am in awe of the power of the Universe aren't you? The mighty Colorado river created this Canyon. What can the Universe do for you? 

I am in awe of the power of the Universe aren't you? The mighty Colorado river created this Canyon. What can the Universe do for you?