Do you let your expectations ruin your Valentine's Day?

It's that day that half the population loves and the other half dreads. Even those in committed relationships can have friction on this day. Are your expectations ruining your Valentine's Day?

Do you expect your Valentine to do certain things or buy certain gifts to stay happy on that day? Do you utilize Valentine's Day to tell everyone how important they are to you? If you are single do you dread going to work through a sea of roses? How can one day cause so much anxiety and disappointment on one end and happiness on the other end? It's called the law of polarity. Each feeling has another feeling that is its polar opposite.  

Why is this important to know? It is important because we can shift from that negative feeling to a positive feeling in an instant. How is this possible? It is possible through the art of gratitude. 

Did you get six roses while your workmate got 12? Are you angry about that six or grateful that someone thought of you? One of our coworkers made us red velvet cupcakes yesterday as a show of appreciation. I was very grateful for her generosity. If Valentine's Day is difficult for you because you are single, use that time to do something nice for others. If the sea of roses makes it hard to think about going to work why not do things for your co workers that show your gratitude for them. Warm feelings are created by giving to others so the expectation for the day has been changed from getting to giving. 

Staying in gratitude for what we have keeps our expectations in check. Would you rather have someone who treats you well everyday who gives you their heart or someone who treats you badly but gives you 12 roses on Valentine's Day. Being grateful for what we have including our friends, family, job and coworkers will create happiness every day. 

If you are to the point where gratitude is hard to come by and your negative emotions are taking over please consider coaching as an option. We have many processes that will shift your thinking in minutes. I offer two free sessions with no obligation. You may email me at for more information. 

Much love to you all this Valentine's Day!! 

Mina Price, LCSW 

Law of Attraction Coach